Dental implants have revolutionized tooth replacement and offer patients the opportunity to get back natural function and aesthetics when restoring their smile. Implants provide many benefits for your long-term dental health and your quality of life, whether you are replacing a single missing tooth or securing a bridge or denture. Great Smile Dental will provide the best dental services for dental implants Port St Lucie has to offer.


Even if you’ve been told you need a bone graft before getting a dental implant we have an exclusive procedure to skip that step and place a zygomatic dental implant with no bone grafting. Sometimes dental procedures such as repairing a root canal, tooth extraction, correction of periodontal disease are required before cosmetic oral surgery. Talk to our team about the right restorative dentist for you, and don’t wait to get your tooth back, get it today!


Affordable payments dental implant financing is available to assist in placing dental implants to appear as a natural tooth. Great Smile Dental also has a dental implant discount program that slashes the cost making dental implants affordable. We offer affordable dentures for the best results in Port St Lucie.

Dr. Schamback and the dentist team at Great Smile Dental in Port St. Lucie offer comprehensive, experienced patient care for the placement of all types of dental implants. Our dental office offers advanced diagnostics in-house for more accurate treatment planning and a more predictable result. From evaluation to placement, we will work with you on an individual basis to place dental implants and give you back a comfortable, beautiful and functional smile.

Dental Implants through Great Smile Dental in Port St Lucie


Choosing the most suitable tooth replacement option can be overwhelming and our team understands the importance of educating patients on implant dentistry and all options and expected outcomes for their consideration. There are certain factors that should be considered when making an informed decision:

  • Overall dental health condition
  • Aesthetic goals
  • Daily lifestyle and quality of life concerns
  • Physical health, including any conditions that could impact recovery or results


Dental implants are unique among tooth replacement options. They replace not only the visible part of what was lost but the replacement tooth root in the jawbone. This is an important distinction and is what provides the stable result and supports more stable long-term oral health and jaw structure. The benefits this offers include:

  • Restoration of normal chewing and biting function with no dietary restriction related to your dental appliance
  • Stabilizes bone tissue in the jaw to minimize shrinkage and changes in the fit if the bite
  • Helps maintain your natural tooth structure when placed among existing healthy teeth
  • Patients can speak clearly and with confidence


The recent strides and advances in techniques and materials have opened the door for more patients and are making it possible for our team to address bone problems and other concerns so that a dental implant can be placed successfully.

Dr. Schamback and our team offer advanced treatments to address problems that could impact the results of an implant procedure.

  • Autogenous Bone Grafting: adding bone to areas in the jaw where bone tissue has diminished due to tooth loss or aging. Bone can be taken from adjacent areas in the chin or back of the jaw to support weaker areas and support an implant.
  • Sinus Lift Augmentation: the sinuses may change and enlarge after tooth loss. To ensure that a dental implant can be placed in the back of the mouth close to the sinus cavity, a sinus lift may be needed to restore the sinuses back to their original size.
  • Implant Site Development: we can rebuild bone tissue around an extracted tooth to support the placement of a dental implant.
  • Zygomatic Implants For People Who Can’t Have Regular Implants Due To Severe Dental Bone Loss: Have you been told that implants aren’t for you due to severe dental bone loss? We now have a doctor who specializes in Zygomatic Implants which anchor in the zygomatic bone. This shortens time-to-teeth for increased patient satisfaction and allows patients suffering from severe maxillary bone loss to return to a normal quality of life.


WHAT TO EXPECT: The dental implant process will take place over a period of several months for most patients, beginning with treatment planning and the use of digital diagnostics to evaluate the structure and health of your smile. If bone grafting or other dental treatments are necessary to prepare for the placement of your implants we will create a personalized timeline for the restoration of your smile.


Dental implants and artificial teeth are designed to closely mimic the structure of your natural teeth and consist of three main parts:

  • Implant post: made of surgical grade titanium, the implant post is placed into healthy jaw bone tissue during a surgical procedure which is completed in the comfort of our dental office in Port St. Lucie. The post serves as a prosthetic tooth root and plays a key role in stabilizing the bone tissue and minimizing changes in the shape of your jaw.
  • Abutment: attached to the post, the abutment will secure the final restoration. There are other types of attachments for implant dentures, depending on the type of denture being used such as a removable partial denture.
  • Restoration: a prosthetic tooth or dental crown is placed on the abutment.

Great Smile Dental has incorporated advanced digital technology for oral surgery during dental implant placement with a high degree of accuracy and the best possible patient experience. We use CBCT scanning in office for creating high resolution, 3-D imagery with detailed views of all aspects of your smile. These images are used to plan the strategic placement of implants, especially when being placed to secure a bridge or denture.

Dental Implant Procedure Process

The first step in the process is the surgical implantation of the tiny, titanium post into the jaw bone. The location will have been mapped out using digital imagery. Once implanted, the post will need several months time to integrate with the bone tissue and completely heal.

The next step is to uncover the post and attach the abutment which will support the final restoration. This step may be different if a dental bridge or denture is being attached to the implant. Once the final restoration, denture or bridge is attached your new smile will be complete.

Your cosmetic dentist will provide instructions for keeping your new implant, implant supported denture, or veneers clean and maintaining a healthy smile. Today’s patients enjoy a success rate of over 95% and your implants will last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and routine dental care. Choose Great Smile Dental for any and all cosmetic dentistry procedures in the Port St Lucie area! We also serve West Palm Beach, Stuart Florida, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and Fort Pierce for cosmetic dentistry procedures and dental implant surgery.