Teeth In A Day

Dr. Aaron Schamback offers advanced treatment options for the replacement of lost teeth and has developed a permanent solution that let’s you keep your teeth in your mouth at night!

Teeth In A Day is a procedure where all of the teeth are removed under sedation by an oral surgeon. Next, 2 or more titanium dental implants are installed into your jaw per arch to act as anchor points for your new full arch dental implant bridge. The lab creates a temporary arch that will be installed when you come back the next day. This temporary arch will be with you up to six months before your permanent arch is ready for installation. The reason for the wait before receiving the permanent full arch prosthesis is to allow your mouth to heal so accurate impressions can be taken to create a perfectly fitting permanent arch reconstruction.

Our experienced oral surgeons & dentists can restore the health of your entire mouth with full arch dental implants or implant supported dentures. Teeth in a day are affixed to titanium implants in your jaw so they are inherently more stable than dentures and will not slip when eating something hard.

Both the temporary and permanent arches cannot be removed at home. You will sleep without taking your teeth out every night like you would with dentures. Enjoy smiling and eating whatever you like without worrying what your teeth look & feel like! Teeth in a day is a life changing procedure that will bring a smile to your face. This full arch dental implant prosthesis is the closest dentistry can provide to bringing your natural teeth back and are an ideal procedure for patients who have multiple missing teeth!

Most patients will have the look and feel of their own natural teeth, which will help you smile with confidence. The entire process of transforming your smile is completed in our office through a collaboration between our surgeon and restorative dentist, to provide you with affordable and optimal results.