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Custom Mouthguard

Mouthguards can have a variety of uses and each type is designed to serve a unique purpose in the support of your dental health. A custom sports mouthguard can play an important role in protecting the teeth and the gums when participating in contact sports or any other type of activity that could result in a mouth injury. Made from your own unique dental impressions, a custom sports mouthguard will provide maximum protection, comfort, and athletic performance.

custom mouthguards

Great Smile Dental offers sports mouthguards for children and adults, recommending them to all patients who are athletic and participating in sports. The personalized fit means that the wearer does not have to bite down or clench their jaw to keep it in place, saving energy on the field for endurance and athletic performance. A custom fit mouthguard also makes it easy to speak and drink fluids while in place. This can be a benefit for younger players who are prone to losing these appliances when they are continually removed when off the field.


The process for obtaining a custom sports mouthguard is easy and will require a brief visit to our office for dental impressions. These are used to make an oral appliance that will fit snugly over your teeth and any oral appliances you may have, including orthodontics. In a week or two, your new custom mouth guard will be ready to be picked up and put to use. We recommend that any active patient consider ordering a custom sports mouth guard to protect both their natural smile and any investment they may have made in restoring or enhancing it.

Keep your mouth guard clean by rinsing gently in soapy water after each use. Allow it to dry completely before placing back into the case. Contact us if it becomes damaged or you notice a change in how it fits.