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Restorative Dentistry

Damaged teeth, missing teeth and a range of other complex dental health concerns can be addressed with restorative dentistry at Great Smile Dental in Port St. Lucie. Our office provides advanced dental care with a team approach in a state of the art dental facility. From digital diagnostics and high-resolution imagery to the latest techniques for restoring your teeth and gums, we can help you get back a healthy smile.

Restoring the health and function of your smile will also improve your quality of life. Minor concerns can quickly become big problems when left untreated. Our team of dentists represents all specialty fields in dentistry and can work with you to identify your needs and create a personalized treatment plan. We will evaluate all aspects of your dental health and the condition of your smile and present all recommended treatment options for your consideration. Patient education and communication between you and all pertinent members of our team is the foundation of your care and important for achieving the best possible result.

Restorative dentistry


Tooth damage can be the result of decay, infection, trauma or the presence of a bite related disorder. The key to an effective result is to identify the cause of your tooth damage and address as a part of your overall treatment plan. When treating chips, cracks or broken teeth, there is a range of possible treatments, which may also be combined with recommendations for addressing the underlying cause such as orthodontics.
  • Tooth bonding: for minor concerns, tooth bonding can restore tooth structure and the aesthetics of your smile.
  • Dental crowns: a dental crown can strengthen a damaged tooth and replace lost tooth structure to maintain your natural smile.


If you have lost teeth, our team of experienced dentists can give you back a smile that looks great and restores your ability to speak and eat with confidence. It is important to replace a lost or extracted tooth as soon as possible
  • Dental bridge: we can replace one or several consecutive lost teeth with a dental bridge or implant supported bridge.
  • Dental implants: Great Smile Dental offers complete care for the placement of all types of dental implants and implant supported dentures.
  • Dentures: we can replace a full arch or full mouth of missing teeth with a denture or implant denture.
Great Smile Dental offers complete restorative dentistry under one roof, including full mouth reconstruction.


A full mouth reconstruction is often the best solution for patients who:
  • Have lost all of their teeth at once
  • Experienced significant damage to the teeth, gums and/or jaw as a result of injury or trauma
  • Have a complex bite problem that is causing untreatable pain and discomfort
  • Have significant dental problems due to poor oral health or enamel erosion
Also called a full mouth rehabilitation, this comprehensive treatment will replace your teeth and address periodontal concerns using a range of treatments and procedures.