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Root Canal

A root canal can save a natural tooth that has become severely damaged or infected. Keeping your natural tooth in place will support your jaw structure and long-term dental health. Our team of dentists can perform a root canal in our office and help you get back to smiling comfortably again. Although many patients feel anxious about the root canal procedure, it is typically no more uncomfortable than a dental filling. For most patients, pain is relieved as a result of opening the tooth and removing the infected pulp that is causing inflammation and discomfort. Once complete, a root canal can sustain the structure of the tooth for many years. It is often recommended that a dental crown is placed after the root canal to strengthen and stabilize the tooth.


The root canal procedure is completed in 1-2 visits, depending on the severity of the tooth damage or infection and total treatment plan. In most cases, patients can be made comfortable with a local anesthetic. We also offer sedation dentistry for anxious patients or those preferring to feel completely relaxed during the procedure. The first step is to clean the area and to make a tiny hole in the back of the tooth for accessing the pulp chamber. Your dentist will carefully remove the infected material and clean the interior of the tooth before placing a bio-compatible compound inside to stabilize the tooth structure. Once complete, the tooth will be sealed again and in many cases, a dental crown will eventually be placed. Sealing the tooth may be completed at a second visit and your dentist will go over what to expect in your unique situation before treatment begins.