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Dentures Port St Lucie

Great Smile Dental offers a comprehensive dentures and teeth replacement solutions to treat complex dental problems that affect the appearance and function of the bite and occlusal system. From genetics to medical conditions or missing teeth, there are many reasons for exploring dentures or dental implants to a patient‘s smile so that they can enjoy their best quality of life.

There are multiple underlying reasons for reinventing your smile such as genetics, tooth decay, tooth loss or a missing tooth, gum disease, medical and health conditions, and trauma. Each of these can affect the appearance and function of your natural smile. Great Smile Dental offers a comprehensive approach for the treatment of these complex dental problems such as a denture, dental implant, or a complete tooth replacement. Our dentists can help you regain your highest quality smile through proper dental care, a partial denture, or providing the best dentures Port St Lucie Great Smile Dental has to offer. We will provide the best dental services to regain your oral health, and give you a bright smile that reflects natural teeth.

If you have or are experiencing any of these conditions, Great Smile Dental can help by creating a dental health care treatment plan that restores your oral health as well as the aesthetic of your smile by relying on a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your oral health. Treatment to help you achieve your desired outcome may include denture or tooth replacement, artificial teeth, individual implants, an implant retained bridge, and/or a porcelain bridge. Our cosmetic dentistry services provide affordable dentures for the Port St Lucie community, and we are proud to offer an all-inclusive dental office for all your dental needs.


Prosthodontics focuses on treatments that restore damaged teeth, normal bite function and address the aesthetics of your smile. Relying on a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your oral health, prosthetic dentistry incorporates a range of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to achieve the desired outcome.

What to Expect with Dentures & Teeth Replacement Solutions

Dentures Port St Lucie

The restoration of a damaged or dysfunctional smile begins with a personal consultation with your general dentist at Great Smile Dental. Using advanced digital technology and 3-D imagery we can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, gums, and jaw joints to identify problems and strategically plan how to address them with appropriate dentistry including dentures in Port St. Lucie.

Treatments may include:

Dental crowns: the placement of a dental crown can strengthen weak or damaged teeth or support a dental bridge.

Porcelain veneers: dental veneers can cover the front of teeth that are damaged or misshapen.

Complete Dentures: if most or all of your teeth require a tooth extraction, sedation will be necessary during oral surgery we will discuss treatment options for placing a denture.

Dental implants: implants can be placed by a cosmetic dentist for the most natural solution to tooth loss. During the dental procedure we will handle extractions and replacements of a missing tooth, secure a dental bridge or secure an immediate denture.

TMJ treatment: if a bite problem is impacting your dental health we can identify the underlying cause and provide appropriate treatment to realign the bite. This can include restorative treatments, mouthguard therapy or orthodontics.

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Choosing Your Best Option for Dentures In Port St. Lucie

Great Smile Dental has the pleasure of helping our team and Prosthodontist, Dr. Jacqueline Harden, changes lives daily completing many different treatment cases including dentures & teeth replacement solutions in our Port St Lucie office. If most of your teeth need to be extracted and replaced, Great Smile Dental offers multiple options for affordable dentures in Port St. Lucie.

Removable Dentures in Port St. Lucie

If most or all teeth need to be extracted and replaced, we offer removable denture options for both your upper and lower arches! Removable dentures are held in place and retained by the suction of the upper palette.

Pros: it is the least invasive form of denture treatment, teeth can be removed and personally cleaned, and it is the most cost-effective option.

Cons: with bone loss you may need to use an adhesive to help your denture stay in place and your teeth must be removed nightly.

Implant Retained Dentures & Implant Supported Denture

If you have sufficient bone levels, having implant retained dentures can be an option to help prevent the majority of unwanted mobility and all function with your removable prosthesis. Your treatment team will discuss if you are a candidate for implants to be placed, utilizing 3-D imagery, helping with overall function of your new prosthesis!

Pros: limited mobility of your prosthesis, less likely to need an adhesive due to having a more solid foundation for the denture, is a digital denture meaning it is less likely to break.

Cons: with improper oral care bone loss may happen and loosen the fit of your implants within your bone and minor shifting of your denture may occur.

Fixed (permanent) Dentures in Port St. Lucie

For patients that suffer from severe bone loss, who may have been told in the past they are not a candidate for implants, you may be a candidate for fixed, permanent dentures. In some cases, we are able to utilize zygomatic implants to lock in your permanent prosthesis. Dentures & Treatment Plans are personalized to each patient‘s desired look to help them regain their confidence and happiness.

Pros: Your prosthesis is made from the highest quality material, zirconia. It will be completely personalized to achieve your desired outcome. We offer teeth in a day!

Cons: This is the largest investment that requires a long surgical appointment (5-6 hours).

Additional Teeth Replacement Options

If you are not in need of dentures and you have individual teeth that need to be extracted and replaced, Great Smile Dental offers multiple other options such as:

Single Dental Implant: If you are missing or need to have individual teeth extracted, we will evaluate your bone to establish if individual implant supported denture or replacement would be an ideal option for your case!

Implant Retained Bridge: If you are missing multiple teeth in one area, we will analyze the option of placing multiple implants that will retain a fixed bridge to regain function of that section of your mouth!

Porcelain Bridge: The placement of a porcelain bridge can be an immediate replacement option for a missing tooth or teeth, while also addressing any decay at the gum line that may be present on the neighboring teeth.

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The team of dentists at Great Smile Dental works together for the benefit of our patients, developing personalized treatment plans to address the health, function, and beauty of your smile. We may use several treatments to address your unique needs and to restore a smile that looks and feels great.

Our office provides affordable dentures using state of the art dentistry and we incorporate advanced technology into all aspects of your care for more predictable results and the best patient experience. We have an on-site dental lab for the most personalized approach to the fabrication of your custom restorations. Our dentists can interact directly with our lab technicians and ceramists to ensure that your final result is comfortable, beautiful and will support your long-term dental health.