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General Dentistry

Great Smile Dental is your local dental home for the lifelong maintenance of your natural smile. Led by Dr. Aaron Schamback our team provides experienced general dentistry to meet the needs of our patients, delivered in a caring and personalized manner. General dental services are the foundation of routine dental care and are focused on the prevention of disease and conservative treatment of common dental concerns.

  • Dental cleanings and exams
  • Dental fillings
  • Dental sealants
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extractions
  • Children’s dental services

This is a common question asked of all dentists, especially from patients with good oral health. Visiting our office twice a year is recommended by the ADA and has been shown to minimize the risk of developing common dental problems including tooth decay and periodontal disease. Keeping the teeth and gums as healthy and stable as possible can help you avoid the need for extensive or invasive dental care to address damage or decay and restore oral health. Routine visits allow us to spot developing problems in the early stage when it is likely that conservative treatment options can be effective.

Routine Dental Visits

Routine dental visits are also important for establishing healthy oral habits and enabling our team to get to know you better. During exams and cleanings, we look for signs of more complex problems that could affect your long-term dental health and function such as a bite disorder. We monitor your oral health and take the time to understand your unique risk factors so that we can offer the most personalized care possible. We strive for a patient-focused environment so that you look forward to visiting and leaving our office with a clean, healthy smile and the confidence that your oral health is supporting your overall physical wellness.

Tooth decay remains a growing health concern for both children and adults and can be largely prevented with good oral hygiene and dental care. Tooth decay may start as a small cavity that is often undetectable to most patients. In the absence of regular dental care, this can progress and damage the tooth, sometimes irreparably. Advanced tooth decay can also be the cause of infection in the teeth and the gums.

Preventing tooth decay depends on both routine dental care and a good daily oral hygiene routine at home that includes the use of a fluoride toothpaste. We place all types of dental fillings to address tooth decay, including white fillings for the most natural looking result.