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Top 4 Reasons to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Teeth X-Ray

Here are the top 4 reasons wisdom teeth should be removed


As wisdom teeth often have little room to erupt, the development may lead to gum inflammation. A “pocket” may form around impacted wisdom teeth, trapping bacteria and leading to infection. 


In an already crowded area, wisdom teeth may put pressure on neighboring teeth in the development process. This may result in misalignment, bone loss, and greater opportunity for oral bacteria to flourish. 

Difficult to Clean

Your oral health can be affected by the eruption of wisdom teeth, as they are difficult to reach and maintain properly. If left unaddressed, impacted wisdom teeth can cause infection and bone loss that affects surrounding teeth. 

Damage to Other Teeth

Beyond invading space of their neighbors, wisdom teeth are likely to cause damage if not removed- as risk for infection, bone loss, and cavities are increased in the difficult to access area. 

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