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Why is a dental crown recommended?

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown may be recommended for many reasons!

Dental crowns restore more than just a broken tooth!

This restorative solution can correct how you bite,

eliminate any color variations, or create the entirely new

smile you’ve always dreamed about!

A dental crown restores a damaged tooth to its natural

shape, size and function. The  placement of dental crowns is

a very common procedure, that may be chosen to either

protect your tooth or improve overall esthetics!

If you have experienced tooth decay or a cavity that is beyond repair by a simple “filling”, a crown is the

ideal treatment to restore the tooth, and ensure that is functional, protected and esthetic! At Great

Smile Dental, we only use the highest quality material to restore your smile, most commonly, crowns are 

fabricated from zirconia. Zirconia is an extremely rigid material that resists fractures, chips and has great longevity!  

Crowns can cover one tooth, or your entire smile, the restorations may also be individual, or linked together for stability.

If you have a broken tooth, or would simply love to transform your smile call us today!

At Great Smile Dental we have an entire team dedicated to restorative dentistry, as well as specialists trained to create stunning

transformations through cosmetic dentistry. Whatever your situation is, you can Feel Confident With Great Smile Dental.