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Summer Night Guards Special!

Tried of waking up with a stiff neck and jaw? Are your teeth sensitive to cold drinks? This may be a result of grinding and clenching your teeth as you sleep also known as Bruxism. A night guard is the perfect fix to a lot of these problems you may feel like you have little to no control over. In just a few days of wear you, will see a decrease in tooth, jaw, and muscle pain caused by bruxism. This is highly recommended for patients who have gotten crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and other restorative treatments. Give your enamel a chance to last you for a lifetime.

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Custom Made

  • Made to fit your unique bite
  • Materials are BPA-free
  • Hard outer surface and soft inner layer for maximum
  • Custom colors available

Combats Bruxism

  • Most people are unaware that they have Bruxism or clinch their teeth at night
  • According to the American Sleep Association, bruxism affects 10% of Americans Adults and as many as 15% of American Children

V.I.P Member – Chevy Spark Giveaway

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You could be next!

When you refer 3 or more friends to our office you become a V.I.P. Member. Once you become a V.I.P. Member you are entered into win this 2017 Chevy Spark! Once we reach 155 V.I.P. Members we will give it away! Refer a friend now by clicking here

2017 Sea Doo GTR 215 Giveaway

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2016 Great Smile Dental’s Chevy Spark Giveaway

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Help us congratulate John on being our 2016 Great Smile Dental Chevy Spark winner!

2014 Great Smile Dental’s Smart Car Giveaway

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In December 2014, Bryan was the lucky winner of a Smart Car in Great Smile Dental’s car giveaway. Congratulations, Bryan!

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