Junior Dental Assistant

Junior dental assistant


Junior dental assistant ensure that dental tools and equipment are sterile before use. Working directly with dental assistants, junior DAs set up and clean the exam or surgery area, ensuring sanitary conditions, and sterilizing surfaces and instruments.

  • Work directly with dental assistants and their patients.

  • Maintain dental supply inventory by checking stock to determine inventory levels and placing and expediting orders for supplies.

  • Stage tray for procedures by arranging dental instruments and equipment.

  • Use medical disinfecting procedures to sterilize all the necessary equipment

  • Use equipment like an autoclave during the sterilization process.

At Great Smile Dental we offer an on-the-job training program where you will have the opportunity to perform additional duties to receive a Dental Assisting certification. Great Smile Dental will offer several months of training to help you develop the necessary skills to become a Certified Dental Assistant.

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