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Dentures & PartialsAn Overview

Dentures can replace a full arch or full mouth of missing teeth to give back function, aesthetics, and the confidence to enjoy your daily life. Today’s patients enjoy dentures that are more stable, comfortable and tailored to the look and fit of their smile. From removable cosmetic dentures to implant secured hybrid dentures and partial dentures, our Port St. Lucie dental office can meet your restorative needs with experienced care.

Dr. Aaron Schamback leads a team of highly trained dentists and committed staff who work with patients on an individual basis to develop treatment plans that are personalized to their unique needs and goals. We offer all types of dentures, including implant dentures that offer the most secure and naturally functioning replacement option.

Why Choose Implant Dentures?

One of the key factors of tooth loss is the impact it can have on the ability to eat your normal diet and to feel confident when speaking and interacting with others. Although today’s removable dentures offer a more stable and customized experience for patients, securing a denture with dental implants will give you back normal function with no fear of your teeth “falling out”. Held in place by several implants, a hybrid cosmetic denture will be made to fit permanently in your mouth and blend beautifully with your natural appearance.

The use of dental implants when placing a denture will also offer important benefits for your long-term oral and overall health:

  • Reduces bone loss and shrinkage of the jaw
  • Secure, permanent restoration minimizes irritation of the gums and soft tissues
  • Enables normal biting and chewing and the enjoyment of a healthy, varied diet

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Tooth Replacement Alternatives

Dr. Schamback has developed a unique treatment option for patients with severely damaged teeth or other dental health issues that have impacted the function of their smile. Semi-permanent teeth can often be the solution for patients who do not want to consider dentures or implants but desire to improve their smile.

To learn more about all of your tooth replacement options or to discuss your concerns about the function of your smile, schedule an appointment in our Port St. Lucie dental office.

Dentures & Partials What to Expect

The tooth replacement process will begin with a personal consultation with your dentist at Great Smile Dental to discuss your concerns and goals. We will also perform a thorough dental exam to evaluate the condition of your dental health. As needed, we may use 3-D scans to obtain a more comprehensive view of all aspects of your smile and for use in planning the placement of implants.

Once the type of denture to be placed is decided upon we will create a personalized treatment plan and timeline for the restoration of your smile. If tooth extractions of other dental treatments are needed to establish a healthy oral foundation, we will schedule these with you first.

The next step will be to take dental impressions and work with you to design a denture that complements your appearance and fits comfortably.

If implants are being used to support a denture, we will place the posts in the jaw and secure a temporary denture so that you can have restored function and get used to the feel of your new smile. Once the gums have healed we will take a new set of dental impressions and create a custom denture that will serve as your new, permanent smile. Taking the second set of impressions and creating a new denture will ensure a better fit and allows for the subtle changes that occur in the gums and bone tissue after tooth loss to be accommodated in your final restoration.

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