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Dental BridgesAn Overview

A dental bridge can be used to “bridge the gap” where one or more teeth have been lost. Traditionally dental bridges were removable, requiring daily cleaning and providing a less than ideal patient experience. Today’s patients enjoy the benefits of many advances made in restorative dentistry that enable lost teeth to be replaced with a permanent dental implant or an implant supported bridge.

A dental bridge can be placed and supported by existing natural teeth or the use of a dental implant. A dental bridge that is secured with a dental implant can offer several key benefits for your long-term dental health and your daily quality of life:

  • Reduces bone loss in the jaw: using implants will help to retain natural bone structure by replacing the lost tooth root.
  • Secure result: dental implants will provide natural chewing ability and enable confident speech.
  • Preserves natural teeth: using dental implants means that existing teeth do not need to be degraded to accommodate the new bridge.

The team of dentists at Great Smile Dental offer experienced care for the replacement of lost teeth and will work with you on an individual basis to determine the best solution for your needs and aesthetic goals. We will thoroughly evaluate your dental health and the condition of your existing teeth and jaw bone to determine if dental implants are an option and ensure that your final result is stable and lasting.

Dental Bridges What to Expect

The process for placing a new dental bridge will depend on whether dental implants or existing teeth will be used to support the appliance. If your natural teeth are to be the anchors for the bridge, we will likely recommend the placement of a dental crown for added strength and stability.

When dental implants are being placed we will first plan the surgical phase of that procedure and allow several months of healing time before placing the final bridge. A temporary bridge can be placed to restore normal function.

After the post has healed or the anchor teeth are prepared, dental impressions will be taken for making your custom dental bridge. These will be used in our on-site lab and fabricated to the specific instructions of your dentist for your tooth color, shape, and overall dimension.

Your new bridge will provide natural aesthetics and function and help to support your smile and your long-term dental health. Routine dental care is important so that we can help you maintain good oral health and monitor the condition of your bridge over time.

Dr. Aaron Schamback

Why choose Great Smile Dental?

Great Smile Dental is your dental home for the comprehensive treatment of all your dental health needs and aesthetic goals. Led by Dr. Aaron Schamback, our team provides experienced care for the long-term maintenance of a beautiful, healthy and comfortable smile.

Our team strives for the highest standard of care, delivered in a caring and personalized manner. We believe in building better smiles by building lasting relationships based on communication between all members of our team and the patient. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and to help you enjoy the benefits of optimal oral health.