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Tooth ExtractionsAn Overview

A tooth extraction may be deemed necessary in the event of severe infection, trauma to a tooth or as part of a treatment plan to improve your bite function and dental health. Great Smile Dental offers the convenience of complete dental care under one roof, including tooth extractions.

Tooth extractions are typically a simple procedure and are completed in one visit. Most patients are able to be kept comfortable with a local anesthetic. Our office also offers sedation options if needed or requested.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The third molars are also known as the “wisdom teeth” and typically begin to erupt or to make their presence known in the late teen years. A few patients are fortunate to have enough room in their bite to allow for normal tooth eruption and growth. However, most will need to have their wisdom teeth removed due to the impact on overall dental health, the bite and neighboring teeth.

Wisdom tooth removal typically occurs in the late teens and early twenties, before teeth that are impact3ed or crowded can affect dental health. The procedure can often be performed in the comfort of our Port St. Lucie dental office. We offer dental sedation options for complete comfort and our team will follow up to ensure that you recover well.

Tooth Extractions What to Expect

The tooth extraction procedure will begin with making sure that you are comfortable and relaxed. A local anesthetic will be used if dental sedation is not in place and once you are numb we will clean the area where the tooth is being removed.

Your dentist will release the ligaments that anchor the tooth into the socket using a special tool. The next step is to slowly move the tooth back and forth until it is able to be pulled gently from the socket. The open area will be packed with sterile gauze to aid in blood clotting and keep the area free of debris.

We will provide post-treatment care instructions for a healthy recovery. A soft diet may be recommended and we will schedule a follow-up visit if needed.

If you experience sudden pain, a recurrence of bleeding or swelling that is not going away please contact our office immediately.

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