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Great Smile Dental is home to a team of dental professionals dedicated to helping patients achieve a healthy smile and educating them on how to maintain it for a lifetime of good oral health. We welcome children who are comfortable in a dental office setting and provide children’s dental services to meet the changing needs of a developing smile.

Routine dental care plays an important role in the healthy and stable development of your child’s smile. From appearance to function, the development of your child’s permanent teeth and the health of their gums can impact speech, the ability to enjoy a healthy diet and their confidence in how they look. Our dentists will screen for signs of structural concerns related to tooth and jaw development. Addressing concerns early can often lay the foundation for healthy development and minimize or eliminate the need for more complex treatments later on.

children's dentist in port st. lucie fl

Children’s Dental Services in Port St. Lucie

Our office provides a range of dental services for growing smiles, including orthodontics to address bite problems and crooked teeth.

  • Dental cleanings and exams
  • Dental sealants
  • Screening for cavities and other dental problems
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontal therapy

Our team makes every effort to help young patients feel welcomed and relaxed during their visits, taking the time to educate them on age-appropriate oral hygiene and the benefits of a healthy diet. We explain all aspects of their dental treatment to help them feel confident when sitting in the dentist’s chair and aware of what to expect. Our goal is to foster an appreciation for a healthy smile that encourages them to adopt and maintain lasting, healthy oral habits.

Download our Dynamite Dental Fun Kit to help your child learn about taking care of their smile.

Tooth decay is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults and prevention can begin in early childhood. Developing a good oral hygiene routine and visiting the dentist regularly from an early age will lay the foundation for lifelong dental health and wellness.

When your child visits with us we take the time to evaluate their complete oral health and identify those patients who may be at an increased risk for tooth decay and other dental concerns. These routine visits allow us to provide the most personalized care possible and advice for addressing risk factors with good at home care.

It is important to help your child brush and floss their teeth until the early elementary school years to ensure that the teeth and gums are being thoroughly cleaned. Our team will provide age-appropriate oral hygiene demonstrations for proper brushing and help your growing child learn how to care for their teeth between dental visits.

There is a range of factors affecting the development of tooth decay from genetics to diet and we will make recommendations as needed to minimize risk, including:

  • A healthy diet low in sugar
  • Daily brushing and flossing
  • Drinking plenty of water, especially after meals
  • Chewing only sugar-free gum, preferably those brands with the ADA seal of approval on the label

It is recommended that children receive an orthodontic consult around the age of 7, especially if there are bite related issues or they have oral habits such as thumb sucking.

Great Smile Dental offers orthodontic care for children and adults, including phase one treatment to address more complex concerns. We will evaluate the structure and function of your child’s bite and their developing permanent teeth.

We offer a range of orthodontic treatment options from self-litigating braces to invisible braces.

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