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Facial CollapseAn Overview

Facial collapse occurs over time as a result of lost or missing teeth and the supporting tooth structure that is no longer present in the jaw bone. Over time, as the tooth roots are absorbed and no longer stimulating healthy bone cell growth, the jaw begins to shrink in size. The skin and soft tissues also shrivel, creating a sunken and aged appearance.

Dr. Schamback, Dr. Schwartz and the team at Great Smile Dental work together when helping patients avoid or address facial collapse. We provide personalized dental care that is tailored to your needs. Dr. Schwartz is an experienced and board-certified periodontist. He offers comprehensive care for the placement of dental implants to avoid facial collapse after tooth loss.

Replacing missing teeth with the most suitable treatment option for your dental health needs can help you to maintain the natural structure of your jaw and lower face. Dental implants are often the best way to help patients achieve this. They replace both the tooth and the tooth root, reducing bone loss in the jaw by stimulating natural bone cell growth and retention.

Facial Collapse What to Expect

If you have lost teeth or face extraction of one or more permanent teeth, Dr. Schwartz and the team at Great Smile Dental can work with you to determine your risk factor for facial collapse and recommend the most suitable tooth replacement option to stabilize jaw structure and oral health.

We use advanced digital technology and 3-D scanning to perform a comprehensive analysis of your occlusal system. This enables more strategic treatment planning for more predictable results.

If you are already experiencing some degree of facial collapse we also offer bone grafting procedures for augmenting the structure of your jaw. The goal is to stabilize your oral health and establish a foundation for placing dental implants.

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