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Great Smile Dental has been serving our community for over twenty years! Our goal is to provide constant innovation and positively impact as many people as possible. We have done just that- and are now offering the newest and most innovative tooth replacement solutions. 
Standard implants may not be a possibility for all patients that desire a total tooth replacement option, due to bone density and depth. If this has been holding you back, we have your solution! Zygomatic implants provide the greatest stability and function to a dental prosthesis. These are extended implants used to secure your new smile, which never has to be removed. Watch the video above for more information on this ground-breaking alternative! 
Our skilled team is waiting to support and guide you through your life changing transformation, which starts in as little as one day. Our brilliant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, esthetic focused Prosthodontist, and our full anesthesia team are dedicated to helping you achieve the smile you have always dreamed about! For your comfort, a CRNA is present to monitor your entire reservation and recovery. 
Make a reservation today for a no charge out of pocket Zygomatic Consultation!