A Perfect Smile For The Big Day


One of the best days of most people’s lives is their wedding day. You spend the whole day smiling from ear to ear, taking pictures with your loved ones, and having a good time. With that being said, you want to make sure your smile is in top notch shape for the big day! So, here are a few tips to getting your smile ready for that special moment.


The bride’s dress isn’t the only thing that’s white at a wedding. Most people choose to get their teeth whitened for a wedding to ensure a brighter smile. Although this can be done at home, it is highly recommended to get it done by a dentist in an office. This way you will see results right away and avoid the struggle of having to place whitening trays in your mouth every day. Sometimes you may experience a bit of sensitivity after getting your teeth whitened. So, to avoid sensitive teeth on your big day, it is recommended that you get this done at least a few weeks before the wedding.

If you cannot visit your dentist to get this procedure done, there are some at-home options you can choose to do. For example, you can get trays from your local dentist, or use whitening toothpaste, or even whitening strips with the ADA Seal of Acceptance- this is to make sure they are safe and effective. Try to avoid home remedies; those can do more harm than good!

Emergency Kits

Bridesmaids are usually the ones to put together an emergency kit for the day of the wedding. The kit usually includes items such as: bobby pins, makeup, sewing items, etc. A good idea would be to also include floss. Between all the chaos that goes down before walking down the aisle, make sure to check your teeth! You may have taken a quick bite of something, and now you have food stuck in your teeth. Try staying away from any foods that cause bad breath. Example: onions and garlic.

Make sure to have a little mirror to check your teeth, dental floss, and sugarless gum or mint to keep your breath fresh!

Keep a Dental Routine

Your smile is a big part of your wedding day, so the last thing you want to worry about is a horrible toothache in the midst of it all. To avoid this, make sure to schedule an early dentist appointment months before the day. This way your dentist can address any dental issues that you may have or may be coming your way. You will not be happy if you have to worry about an infected tooth a week before your wedding.

When it comes to your dental routine, don’t let it slip after saying “I do”. You will thank yourself down the line when your teeth stay healthy and strong!

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