Replacing Missing Teeth: What Are My Options?

The replacement of missing teeth can be accomplished in several ways and today’s patients enjoy the benefits of a range of options to choose from to meet their needs and goals. Dr. Schamback and the team at Great Smile Dental in Port St. Lucie provide advanced treatment options for the replacement of lost teeth including a unique treatment developed by Dr. Schamback called Semi-Permanent Teeth.

Why Replace Lost Teeth?

The loss of a tooth or of several teeth can lead to a cascade of dental problems and can also impact your daily quality of life. When a tooth is removed or lost to disease or trauma, the natural structure of the mouth and jaw are affected. Adjacent teeth can shift over time and the risk of developing gum disease or tooth decay increases. The lost tooth root leads to a loss of bone in the jaw which can cause the jaw to shrink and lend a more aged appearance.

If you have missing teeth, you probably are having difficulty speaking clearly and enjoying some of your favorite foods comfortably. Lost teeth can impact how you feel about your appearance and your confidence when interacting with others.

What Are My Options?

There are several great ways to replace lost teeth today and patients can learn more about the options best suited to their needs during a consultation with one of our dentists at Great Smile Dental. We offer complete and comprehensive services for tooth replacement, meaning you don’t have to travel from one specialist to another when addressing complex needs or placing dental implants. Our office is a state of the art dental practice and is equipped with the technology and experienced staff you need to enjoy the best possible outcome and a beautiful new smile.

  • Dental bridges and dentures: for several teeth, a full arch or a full mouth of missing teeth, we can use a dental appliance such as a bridge or denture to recreate your smile and restore normal function. We also offer implant supported bridges and dentures for the most stable result.
  • Dental implants: we can place all types of implants and implant secured dentures in our office.
  • Semi-Permanent teeth: Dr. Schamback has developed a unique hybrid option for a stable result that does not require a surgical procedure.

Ready to learn more? Contact our office and schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and cosmetic goals. We can help you get back to smiling comfortably again.

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